The largest ICO project in the real estate sector was launched on April 25


As time goes by, more and more people feel uncomfortable at work – and it’s not about job, it’s about their workplaces. To solve this problem the new ICO project GoodWork presents an ecosystem for remote teams and freelancers, co-working spaces based on the blockchain platform. Let’s consider what’s lying behind this project.

Business idea

The main idea lying behind GoodWork is establishing of co-working spaces. GoodWork is aimed to change the global approach of employers to human labor and its conditions. GoodWork coworking spaces are no longer than 20 minutes far from your home, they are comfortable and have a very friendly atmosphere.

Another idea of GoodWork is voting platform. Locations, quantity and types of coworkings are chosen by most “OOO” tokenholders. Within the framework of this project there are 4 types of coworking spaces and more than 50 cities for establishing. Besides, tokenholders have the right to offer other location. It also depends on the number of votes, relevant jurisdiction and positive economic conditions on the real estate market.

GoodWork offers an access to its business systems GoodNet and GoodCRM for all ICO members. GoodNet is an internal portal providing information about GoodWork residents and their services. It helps to find freelancers for projects, manage paperwork and hold tenders. GoodCRM is a system for convenient interaction of remote teams. They can manage their tasks there and check work processes using GoodCRM.


According to Coworking Forecast from the Global Coworking Survey, there are more than 14000 co-working spaces in the world. According to statistics, many worldwide known companies such as Google, Apple and Microsoft often use coworking spaces as offices for their employees. For example, there is a coworking chain WeWork established in 2010 in New York. For now, it has 229 offices in 53 cities and 16 countries. From these facts one may conclude that coworking industry is one of the most fast-growing.

Token model

As have already been mentioned, locations, quantity and types of coworkings are chosen by most “OOO” tokenholders. 1 vote is equal to 1 token. “OOO” tokens are also accepted as a payment for some services. Besides, «ООО» Token gives an opportunity to receive a discount when paying for co-working space. GoodWork is offering 7 790 000 tokens, while 4 050 800 will be available as part of the GOODWORK ICO and the rest will be distributed on SWAP and Bounty program.


GoodWork team lists only 5 members on the website, but they seem to be professionals. Its CEO is Senior Researcher of Russian Academy of Sciences. It also includes a very experienced project manager and an advertising manager, a strategic and operational management specialist and a creative designer.

Project stages

ICO is launched on 15 June – 15 September. Before launching there are closed pre-sale on 25 April – 15 May, that is the earliest preliminary round at the best price (750 000 tokens, 0.01 ETH each). Public pre-sale starts on 15 May – 15 June (500 000 tokens, 0.02 ETH each). The first GoodWork coworking is planned on September-November 2018. Integration of GoodNet and GoodCRM systems is planned on November-December 2018.

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